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T8 Tech Solutions provides end to end managed network solutions for businesses of all sizes.


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By utilizing optimal hardware and software, we design secure internet networks that prioritize your safety and security, ensuring the best connectivity possible. We also design Internet Security Plans, as it is our firm belief that all business should have one, even business that aren’t required to by law.

Our network solutions are implemented with precision, whether it's a brand new installation or an update to your existing system, providing a smooth and seamless transition to your new network.


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With the internet constantly evolving and new threats emerging every day, we monitor your network and all its devices, allowing you to concentrate on what your business was created to accomplish.

Our services cater to both MacOS and Windows-based systems, as well as hybrid environments of both, providing network management, cloud computing, VoIP, and a variety of other services to meet your needs for end to end support.


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Simplifying I.T. For Business


Drawing on more than three decades of corporate expertise, we strive to deliver an unparalleled experience, safeguarding your every move with utmost care and attention.

"I've seen what business of all sizes struggle with: small businesses securing their customer wi-fi access, medium-sized businesses providing employee access to centralized file storage across multiple sites, large businesses needing reliable hardware and software support to keep their profits flowing, and everything in between.


I started T8 Tech Solutions so that I could provide enterprise inspired services for my clients and ensure that every action is executed with the highest level of care and consideration to protect their endeavors."

-Chris Tate, Owner

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